Smart Financing for Home Performance

Renewablue helps home buyers turn any home into an energy efficient, green home they can be proud of. Buying a home is an investment in the future, an investment that may lose value over time. The culprits being wasted heating & cooling, electricity, and water, falling further behind the high efficiency standards of new construction. We at Renewablue not only help customers with realty services to find their new home, we also update the home’s energy needs and green features.

Renewablue helps sellers earn top dollar for homes featuring renewable energy, green features and/or upgraded home performance. We also help home owners get maximum appraised value for their home during energy savings mortgage refinances, which lower the monthly cost of ownership by making energy expenditures more efficient. Click the button below to get started with Buyer or Seller Consultation that will lead to lower energy costs and added value to your home.

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Reduce Before You Produce

First things first, we want to be sure that your home is as energy efficient as possible. If you are to be creating energy, we want to ensure that you are not wasting it and we accomplish this with steps such as air sealing, insulation, appliance and mechanical system upgrades. When your home is ready to utilize it’s resources as efficient as possible, we can help you take the steps and complete the research to choose the best system for your needs.

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Understanding Energy Efficiency

Renewablue puts customers through the steps to owning a Net Zero home. A Net Zero home is one that generates all of the energy it needs for the comfort and health of its residents. A home that can generate enough electricity, heating, and cooling on its own cuts out the energy costs altogether. Most homes are far from being Net Zero, but there are steps that homeowners can take to lower their energy costs with more investment in energy efficiency. Understanding how to make existing heating, electrical, and cooling systems more efficient is the first step in this process.

Small Improvements Can Make a Large Difference

We start with making recommended low or no-cost improvements to your home’s energy envelope. Things like proper ventilation and the sealing off of small holes or cracks in the doors and walls of your home can make a huge difference in allowing your heating and cooling systems to work the way they are supposed to avoid wasting energy.

Renewable Energy Options

Eventually, as the level of investment goes up and Renewablue helps to improve efficiency over time, renewable energy options become available. Renewablue helps home owners find the financing to invest in things like solar panels and improved water and building heating systems that reduce your energy footprint and move your home closer to Net Zero.

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Why Switch to Solar Power?

You’ve probably heard about your neighbors installing solar panels on their homes to help absorb some of their energy costs. It’s true, the installation of Solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems is a great way to improve energy performance using the endlessly renewable clean energy generator we call the sun. Solar technology can also be used for water heating systems and once installed, these solar panels are easy to maintain and use constantly. They can be a large investment, but once installed, they instantly start saving you money and lowering your total ownership costs. With continual advances coming in solar power technology, solar panels have become more and more efficient in transferring energy to use in your home. And, the 30% Federal Tax credit doesn’t hurt.


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We’d highly recommend Colin and his team to anyone selling a home. Overall, they were friendly and easy to work with. Great with communicating in a timely manner. They were very helpful in the pre-listing process between giving us tips on staging and connecting us with contractors to get inspection items resolved. He and his team really went above and beyond to ensure the sale of our house went through.

– Joni Watkins