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Smart Financing for Home Performance

Renewablue helps home buyers turn any home into an energy efficient, green home they can be proud of. Buying a home is an investment in the future, an investment that may lose value over time. The culprits being wasted heating & cooling, electricity, and water, falling further behind the high efficiency standards of new construction. We at Renewablue not only help customers with realty services to find their new home, we also update the home’s energy needs and green features.

Renewablue helps sellers earn top dollar for homes featuring renewable energy, green features and/or upgraded home performance. We also help home owners get maximum appraised value for their home during energy savings mortgage refinances, which lower the monthly cost of ownership by making energy expenditures more efficient. Click the button below to get started with Buyer or Seller Consultation that will lead to lower energy costs and added value to your home.

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Renewable Energy Options

Eventually, as the level of investment goes up and Renewablue helps to improve efficiency over time, renewable energy options become available. Renewablue helps home owners find the financing to invest in things like solar panels and improved water and building heating systems that reduce your energy footprint and move your home closer to Net Zero.

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We just love James Mitchell. We met him over the phone and he was so accommodating. I was still in Iowa looking for a home in Fort Collins and he would walk me through their web site to show me homes that I might be interested in. He lined up a mortgage broker that provides VA loans to help us with financing. He helped find the right home in the right area and then inspected the house to see what green improvements we could make. He then put us in touch with the right people for insulation, a hvac company and an electrician. He has stayed in touch with us ever since the day we closed our loan.

– Patty Bishop