January 23, 2021 | RenewaBlue

Breaking Down the Building Envelope & A Word of Caution

“Shut the door! We’re not paying to air condition the whole neighborhood” ~ Mama Mitchell circa summer 1998 in Houston, Texas. The building envelope consists of the 4 walls, roof, foundation, doors and windows that are responsible for keeping the good air in and the unwanted air out. It’s what keeps you cool in the […]

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The #1 way to reduce your Total Cost of Ownership

The only true way to lower your total cost of ownership is to reduce utilities bills. The Principle, Interest, Taxes (PITI) and Insurance that make up you mortgage is effectively fixed and, in most cases, will increase due to taxes and/or insurance hikes. So, aside from refinancing to lower your monthly payment, utility bills are […]

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Will solar panels get cheaper?

As with most technology, we can absolutely expect to see the price of solar panels continue to drop. That said, when considering economies of scale, we are getting to the point where the highest installation expense for solar panels is not the equipment but the labor. With the increased rate of adoption, rapid acceleration of […]

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