About | RenewaBlue

We exist to help YOU make home efficiency happen.

What is unique about our process is that we are Realtors® that consolidate the home purchase process with the home efficiency update process to make a single, smooth experience for the customer that ultimately ends with your moving into an older home that has been updated to meet todays energy and comfort standards. We are also here to help homeowners that already love where they live, but desire to increase comfort, home health and safety and lower the environmental impact of their home.

Renewablue was founded to offer our clients a One Phone Call Solution for home efficiency upgrades. We are Realtors® that believe it is our resposibility to help our clients leverage the real estate purchase and sale to increase the efficiency of wasteful, older homes. You see, if a person was to go through the home efficiency conversin process now, the only help they can get is from the government, or the companies that make a profit from the efficiency contracting work. At Renewablue, we leverage our Realtor® position as Trusted Advisor to be a 3rd party layer of oversight to the process, providing our clients with options the advise they’ve come to expect.


Renewablue was founded in 2011 through a partnership between The Group Real Estate and one of its sales partners, James Welch Mitchell. JWM approached The Group with an idea he had been chewing on for some time on how to seamlessly integrate the Realtor® process of buying/selling a home, with the process to update a home’s energy efficiency needs.

It appeared that buyer’s of existing homes were always interested in making their new (to them) home more energy efficient but were not able (or willing) to spend the time and out-of-pocket money to do so. James spent years noticing this consistent disconnect, which shifted into noticing the opportunity help. It seemed so simple to merely take the current process to buy/sell and refinance a home and include an additional element of sustainability. After all, if someone is going through all the rigamarole of a real estate transaction, why not use a loan and process that covers the front end costs of energy updates? The Group Real Estate agreed and here we are.

In the United States, there are over 130 Million homes, apartments and condos. Of that, over 50% were built prior to any energy code requirements and, as you can imagine, those homes tend to waste TONS of energy. In a culture where actions speak, Renewablue is the consumer advocate for those that wish to be a part of the change that they see in the world, no matter the shade of green. Whether you prefer a clothesline, or an Energy Star dryer, we welcome your green home goals.

Welcome to Renewablue, the next big thing in Real Estate.