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Will my home appraise for more money with solar?

Will solar appraise? It absolutely should…but you gotta work for it. Unfortunately, most Realtors® and appraisers have not received training on valuing solar in a real estate transaction. In order to ensure a fair shake from the appraisal industry, you must require a “competent appraiser” for your home. Green education is not required to obtain […]

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Why get solar batteries with your panels?

Adding solar batteries to your solar PV system is a really great way to secure your home. Electricity outages, spikes in time-of-use utility billing, and potentially unfavorable buy-back rates from utility companies can all impact your system output. Batteries can stabilize your system but their expense does affect their total realized value. If you are […]

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Breaking Down the Building Envelope & A Word of Caution

“Shut the door! We’re not paying to air condition the whole neighborhood” ~ Mama Mitchell circa summer 1998 in Houston, Texas. The building envelope consists of the 4 walls, roof, foundation, doors and windows that are responsible for keeping the good air in and the unwanted air out. It’s what keeps you cool in the […]

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