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The Most Common Energy Efficiency Update

The most common update to an existing home is air sealing and insulation. So, what is is air sealing? Imagine this…. It’s winter and you’re on top of a mountain in Colorado, and it’s windy. But you’ve come prepared wearing a big ole North Face puffy coat! But the coat does not have a zipper. […]

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Will Solar Increase My Home’s Value?

Does it pay off? Yes, absolutely! Studies have found that solar photo-voltaic panels will increase the value of your home. Home buyers are “consistently willing to pay PV home premiums.” How much they will spend depends on a variety of factors. Climate, location, local adoption, panel performance, panel age, and your ability to show the […]

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How to save money on your utility bills

The first step toward saving money on your utility bill is to reduce the amount of energy and water you use. Our preferred method of starting down the path of home efficiency is to have the home inspected and evaluated for energy performance. The most common name for this energy inspection is an energy audit. […]

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Renewablue® TEDxCSU Talk

Education & Speaking Hear national award winning Realtor®, James W Mitchell, deliver a TED Talk at Colorado State University. Focused on the importance of making our homes more efficient,  he speaks about the role of Realtors® in promoting green homes in our communities. And while it looks like he is singing at the screen capture […]

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Hack It: Get Efficient, Change Out Your Toilet

Jessie Ferguson Recently, I received this notification from Fort Collins Utilities.   We have known our toilets were leaky since we moved in at the end of 2014. They require handle-jiggling on a regular basis. We’ve put off replacing them because both of our 1980s bathrooms need total facelifts. Why replace the toilet only to […]

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