Green Appraisals | RenewaBlue

When it comes to giving green homes a higher value at sale, it’s been said, “If Realtors can’t sell green homes for more money, appraisers can’t appraise them for more money.” The industry recognizes that we have ourselves in a bit of a chicken and egg situation with the value of green homes and homes with energy efficiency features. Renewablue is egg-cited to have a crack at creating a solution for the industry.

The good news:

Buyers and Sellers have a right to request an appraiser that is competent in green homes. When you work with Renewablue, we work to ensure that the appraiser for your home has expertise with green and energy efficient homes.

In 2012, the Appraisal Institute created a new form named, “Residential Green and Energy Efficient Addendum.” This form allows appraisals to consider these features as they determine a value. See form

If your home has any of these features or items, we’ll fight for you to earn a higher value for your home.