Will my home appraise for more money with solar?

Will solar appraise? It absolutely should…but you gotta work for it. Unfortunately, most Realtors® and appraisers have not received training on valuing solar in a real estate transaction. In order to ensure a fair shake from the appraisal industry, you must require a “competent appraiser” for your home. Green education is not required to obtain […]

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Why get solar batteries with your panels?

Adding solar batteries to your solar PV system is a really great way to secure your home. Electricity outages, spikes in time-of-use utility billing, and potentially unfavorable buy-back rates from utility companies can all impact your system output. Batteries can stabilize your system but their expense does affect their total realized value. If you are […]

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Will solar panels get cheaper?

As with most technology, we can absolutely expect to see the price of solar panels continue to drop. That said, when considering economies of scale, we are getting to the point where the highest installation expense for solar panels is not the equipment but the labor. With the increased rate of adoption, rapid acceleration of […]

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Tips for Timing Efficiency and Renewable Energy Updates

Timing Is Everything! You wouldn’t put your shoes on before you socks, right? Or to shift our thinking toward your home, you wouldn’t put in new floors the week before painting the whole interior? There is a proper sequence of events when facing a home improvement project. Updating the home’s performance is no different. Here […]

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