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Home Purchase and Sales

Renewablue’s partner in realty services, The Group, Inc. Real Estate, is the leading real estate company in Northern Colorado. The Group is built on a philosophy of building relationships, listening and adhering to clients’ needs, and helping their clients achieve their goals. We work with The Group to help you buy your next energy-efficient home or sell your energy-efficient home for maximum value. The Group values your time and cultivates a team atmosphere to remain the top producing Realtor in the state.

Throughout the buying and selling process, we and The Group value people over paperwork. Our job is to present you with the most beneficial and viable options for your needs, whether they are to buy or sell your home. Our partnership with this innovative real estate company adds value to our services to our customers.

Contact us to set up a Realtor consultation. We’ll walk you through the process of buying an energy-efficient home or getting the best value for the green energy solutions you have installed in your home when you sell. It is our job to provide you with the best information so you may make the best decisions.

Green Financing Facilitation

We’ve found that a major hurdle for homeowners wanting to go solar or update their homes efficiency is how to pay for it. In case you couldn’t tell already from looking around the website, we at Renewablue believe in green energy and resource savings. Spending money today on green energy upgrades and installations will save you money tomorrow on energy costs. A key part of our process is to help you build a personalized strategy based on your cash outlay to pay for the efficiency and renewable energy upgrades. Whether you are considering a home purchase, refinance, or want to explore other creative avenues, our team works with you to find the best financing options for your needs. Cash is cool, too.

More and more lenders are offering Energy Saving Mortgages (ESM’s), but they just don’t understand the process and paperwork needed to fund those specialized loans. Renewablue helps lenders, and our shared customers, succeed in getting an ESM in their conventional home loan to improve their home’s efficiency and renewable energy systems so they can add value to their home and cut their cost of living. Green energy financing is a large part of what we do. Our experts find the best possible financing options for their customers and put together financing packages for green energy improvements and the many other expenses that come along with finding an energy-efficient home you can be proud of.

Contact us to set up a consultation with our green energy and financing specialists who can help you determine the products and services you’ll need to maximize the value of your green energy improvements or help you find an energy-efficient home.

Energy Ratings and Audits

At Renewablue, we make it easy to assess your green energy improvement needs. We conduct our energy ratings and audits in-house, cutting costs for you and simplifying the process. In fact, we conduct all our energy ratings and audits for our customers in one appointment. Our integrated advising approach manages audit products in one swoop, which allows you to optimize your energy consumption at home quickly and easily. Our auditing system can also give your home an overall energy rating score. We help you improve your score from there and get you the most value for your home improvements as possible.

You can use the information we give you about your home’s energy efficiency and usage any way you want. If you choose to improve your energy ratings and create real savings in energy costs in the long term, we can help you outfit your home with the necessary improvements. When it’s time to sell your home, we make sure you get the full value of your energy modifications.

Contact us today for an energy consultation and get started on improving your home’s energy efficiency.

Bidding and Project Management

When you have decided to improve your home’s energy and water efficiency, Renewablue manages the bidding process for construction contractors who can install your home’s energy improvements. Once the construction job has started on your home, we manage the project and ensure that the contractors are doing the work on time and to your satisfaction.

Renewablue manages all steps in this complicated process. We identify the services our clients need in our initial meetings, then work to find bids for green improvements and contracting based on our clients’ goals. We work with approved contractors who are specialized in green improvements and manage the construction process from start to finish. Our project managers work with our clients to schedule construction and remodeling work and manage the work itself. Our project managers are the first and only point of contact our clients need if they have any questions or concerns about the project.

You can get the process of lowering your home’s energy costs and raising its energy efficiency started by scheduling an energy consultation with us to see how we can help you.

Green Appraisal Packet

Did you know that you have a legal right to a competent appraisal of your home before you try to buy, sell, or refinance it? Not all professional appraisers are specifically trained in providing value estimates for energy efficiency and green energy improvements, resulting in less-than-advantageous pricing of energy-efficient properties. Renewablue offers complete, in-depth services for clients trying to sell their home after making green energy improvements, those trying to buy an energy-efficient home, clients who want to refinance their home or take out a second home loan, or those deciding which energy-efficiency improvements they need to make to maximize value.

We have specialized experts who have experience with appraisals for green-improved homes and Energy Savings Mortgage products. We can also give you accurate estimates of the value of your home with efficiency improvements, something only a licensed real estate broker can do. Our workers and managers walk you through the process of buying or selling energy efficient homes and provide accurate valuations of all properties we work with. Getting an accurate market value figure is the first key in buying, selling, or refinancing a property. We help you manage this process by giving you all the information you need on the value of your home with and without green improvements.

Give us a call to set up a Realtor consultation and get an accurate appraisal for your home.

Rebates and Incentives

The tax implications of buying or selling property are often complex and could be costly if not managed properly. Taking advantage of tax breaks for green improvements can also be difficult. The federal government, the State of Colorado, and many local city and county governments have tax rebates and incentives for green improvements. Renewablue will help identify all potential rebates and incentives to help cut initial and/or out-of-pocket costs, which can be considerable.

Renewablue will help you take advantage of every available rebate and incentive when you make green energy improvements. We make sure that you benefit as much as possible by making green energy improvements to your home. Our experts want to encourage more people to save money by turning to green energy and upgraded home performance. We make it easy to explore likely tax credits for doing your part to cut down on energy and water consumption.

Contact our experts today for a consultation and to learn more about how rebates and incentives for energy-efficient homes can help you.

Note: Renewablue, nor any of its representatives, is a CPA or allowed to offer tax advice. Please consult your tax advisor.

Bill Analysis

After the appraisals show the increased value, the financing is secured, and the work to improve your home’s energy usage is managed and completed by us at Renewablue, we can double check with you to make sure your energy bill is doing what it’s supposed to do: shrinking. Our experts analyze your energy bill to make sure they see the reduction in cost your green improvements should have realized. We make sure that all your green improvements are functioning properly and analyze your energy savings.

Consumer awareness is the number one factor that will reduce consumption and cost…but not at the expense of your Quality of Life.  If you are aware of your energy consumption patterns, you can work to reduce cost better. We provide you with this awareness so that your behavior can drive savings and consumption. Our analysis is extremely detailed and comes with recommendation for how to reduce your energy costs even further. If you haven’t realized the energy savings we expected, we get to the bottom of the problem and fix it.

Contact us for an energy or Realtor consultation to see how we can help you cut your cost of living.

You in a Happy, Comfortable Home

At the end of the day, we at Renewablue want to put you in a happy, healthy, comfortable home. We provide you with clear, complete information to help you make all the decisions leading to a comfortable, energy-efficient home. Our process is always very open and informative. Our experts in realty, home improvement project management, green technology, financing, and energy efficiency present you with neat, concise information packages you can use to make the best win-win-win decision for you. We also help build your roadmap to NetZero, so you know exactly what the next steps are that you an take to bring your homes’ performance and efficiency to the next level.

We are a full-service advisory team dedicated to finding and presenting the most complete information with all of its implications to our customers. After understanding exactly what you need to achieve your goals, we work to give you options you can use to reach them. We offer you the most complete information to help you save every penny for green improvements, get the full value for a green-improved home, and find energy-efficient homes.

Contact us to get started with an energy consultation to see how you can most effectively lower your cost of living or with a Realtor consultation to help you buy, sell, or refinance an energy-efficient home.