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STEP 1 is to complete an energy audit of your home.

This provides you with scientific information about your homes’ energy performance as it will discover where hot & cold air is leaking in to your home. The audit also provides suggestions for correcting these problems along with the projected costs and benefits of doing the work. *Note: This is a required step for rebate eligibility at the federal, state, and local levels.

There are currently programs that offer great discounts for energy audits throughout Northern Colorado. While a typical energy audit can cost up to $400, these programs reduce the expense to $60-$150.

The elements of a typical energy audit are:

  1. Blower Door Test
  2. Infrared Scans (aka Thermography) of Home: Visually show air leakage and thermal defects of home
  3. Safety Check: Ensures proper venting of combustibles and CO2 in home (furnace, H2O heater, etc)

For the Department of Energy Infographic

Where to Get One

In order to determine where to order your energy audit, we’ll need to know who provides your electricity. Each utility has their own programs and rebates and require that you go through their audit to be eligible for their money.

Remember, we are the One Phone Call Solution. We’ll determine which program is best for you and stick with you well after the work is completed to help you track the actual savings.  There are private contractors that offer energy audits, even if your utility provider does not have a program.

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