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Take Advantage of the Falling Cost of Rooftop Solar

The Case for Rooftop Solar

The addition of rooftop solar panels to homes is quickly gaining momentum. Thanks to lower panel prices and increased financing options, homeowners are making the economic case for solar for their energy needs. In a previous blog, we discussed how to be sure the value of your solar panels is included in the appraisal of your home. Since then, we’ve been asked, “But how do I know if my roof will work for solar?” Enter Project Sunroof.

Project Sunroof

At Renewablue® we love to hit the “easy button,” especially to get things rolling with energy efficiency and renewables. Google has created a great “easy button” with Project Sunroof. By reviewing a property’s tree coverage, site orientation, and nearby buildings, this site can help identify whether a home is a good candidate for solar. Project Sunroof can estimate system size requirements, provide instant cost estimates for owning vs. leasing, and tell you your area’s tax and rebate incentives. What could be easier? Project Sunroof takes the guesswork out of the data to help you quickly assess the investment. Once you know if your roof is well positioned for a solar panel system, Renewablue® is here to walk you through the next steps. And after installation, we can ensure you receive the maximum value for your rooftop investment when its time to sell.

If you’re looking to purchase, check out Project Sunroof before you put in an offer on any property. Installing solar at the time of purchase is simple and affordable. The Renewablue® team will guide you through the buying and installation process, answer any questions, and assist with project coordination. With over 300 days of sunshine in Fort Collins, there is no better time to make the move toward more sustainable energy. Start by giving our team a call today.

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