Taco Bout Solar | RenewaBlue


We are on a mission to provide the entire community with exceptional, third-party information about solar in a setting other than you sitting at your kitchen table with a solar sales person. While eating complimentary tacos you’ll learn: how much solar costs and what you can expect to spend, all the options on how to pay for it, available local incentives, rebates and federal tax credits, how to build your goals-based strategy, and much more!  All the while keeping a focus on how solar affects your home value and eventual salability.
Let Our Visionary Consultants Help YOU:
1) See if it’s right for your property
2) Learn the Step by Step Process to get your home solar and energy efficiency
3) Identify Financing and Rebates that best apply to your situation
4) Get the clarity and confidence you need to make a great decision

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