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Tips for Timing Efficiency and Renewable Energy Updates

Timing Is Everything!

You wouldn’t put your shoes on before you socks, right? Or to shift our thinking toward your home, you wouldn’t put in new floors the week before painting the whole interior? There is a proper sequence of events when facing a home improvement project. Updating the home’s performance is no different. Here are a few tips to properly time energy updates with other home projects.

  • Energy Savings Mortgage. Time this with your home purchase or refinance. This allows you to pay for the energy updates with your home loan at the time of purchase. Ask your lender for energy efficient mortgage products available.
  • Insulating Walls from Interior (aka drill and fill). Time this project with an interior paint job. Once the insulation is added, the holes require drywall patching and matching, followed by paint.
    Insulating walls from exterior. Time this project with re-siding the home, repairing the siding or painting the exterior.
  • Insulating attic (common attic). Time this project with updating the homes electrical or at the same time you’ll be adding new solar tubes, attic/whole house fans, skylights, or ducting. This also pairs well with adding solar PV panels so you may run all the new conduit and wiring for the panels through the attic.
  • Adding ducting to the attic space. This is a common way to add A/C to an existing home. Time this with the attic air sealing and insulation project.
  • New Whole House Fan. Time this with air sealing and insulating the attic.
  • Add Solar PV. Time this with a new roof. The panels are typically warrantied for 20-25 years so make sure the roof will last as long as they do!
  • Insulate Vaulted Ceiling. Time this to happen while the roof is being replaced. It is much easier to add insulation from that side, otherwise you’re going to drill and fill through the ceiling drywall. That’s a tough spot to have patched, matched and painted to blend in.
  • Install High Performance HVAC and Appliances. Time this with your Energy Savings Mortgage and/or the big sales such as Black Friday and 4th of July. Lots of discounts and specials are available at those times.

Pro Tip. Living in your home during a remodel can be uncomfortable. Plan the work to occur at a time when the inconvenience is minimal. For Energy Saving Mortgages, we aim to have the work done prior to moving in whenever possible.

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