Vision and Mission | RenewaBlue

Thank You For Exploring the Ideals That Create Renewablue® and Fuel Its Passion to Bring the World to a Better State.

Our Shared Vision:

Accelerating the United States of America to be a Carbon Neutral Nation in the Next 2 Generations.

Our Shared Mission:

Through our fluency in speaking the languages of Real Estate, Financing, Green Building, Renewable Energy, Community Sustainability Programs, Utilities, and Solutions-Based Ninja Selling, Renewablue activates the understanding and interest of the entire community to create action. We work with the existing local, state and national “green” programs to bring full experiential and visible education that speeds up community desire and commitment to make positive sustainable and regenerative change to our built environment. We believe in win-win-win interactions.


This will happen by leveraging the Realtor® process to reduce a homes’ energy needs at the point of purchase and sale. Ultimately, once the same home has sold for the 4th time through our process, the last thing to occur will be including renewable energy to homes needing it to become Carbon Neutral, aka NetZero. This is a true test of American grit and collaboration, not to mention being a very exciting opportunity to do something truly remarkable.

  • Add to Your Home’s Value: In Northern Colorado, Energy Star homes sold for $8.66 more per square foot than non-Energy Star Homes.
  • Lower Energy & Water Costs: You will save a little (or a lot) on utilities bills with a Renewablue retrofit. The amount is up to you and your home.
  • Increased Comfort: Your home will be easier to heat and cool, allowing you to stay equally comfy in every room, in every season.
  • Improved Health at Home: The EPA estimates 72% of our chemical exposure comes from our homes. Your home will exhaust pollutants and bring in fresh, outdoor air in a planned way to ensure the health of your family.
  • Lower Carbon Footprint: Every little bit of carbon savings creates a positive compound effect for the environment.