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What is a Green Home? Part 2 in a series: Loose Fit

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Welcom to part two in a series on what makes a house a “green” home. Building on the prior blog we are looking at the concept of  Long life, Loose fit, Low impact to explain the science and desing behind green and sustinable buildings.

In sustainable home design the concept of Loose Fit refers to the ability of the home to adjust to changes in design trends in order to stay functionally relevant for decades to come. This priorities renovation over demolishing creating the opportunity to make minor changes which will not require total deconstruction in order to continue using the space.  A great example of this concept are homes with open floor plans that can support multiple uses and configuration. Multipurpose rooms that can be used as dens, rec rooms, bedroom or office will allow for changes in styles, uses and add to resale value. Loose fit design considerations will reduce waste, prevent the need for turning farm land or open space into a neighborhood and often result in beautiful spaces which encourage occupants to thrive.  

The true goal of any green home design should be to utilize designs that will still be relevant and functional for decades to come. The structure should have the ability to be modified and expanded upon reducing the likelihood that the building is demolished to build a similar structure in the years to come. Mechanical and renewable energy systems in the home should also selected so as to allow them to be up-sized and expanded upon in the future. You may not have a Tesla today but if and when you do you will surly want to charge with free energy at home. Additionally those homes which have a longer lifespan create the opportunity for lower operations costs for the home owner.  Good architecture cannot divorce itself from the financial implications of acquisition and maintenance but in can reduce monthly utility bills or create an healther environment for occupants.

I encourage you to think about your own home and if Loose Fit is a part of the design features as this is certainly not a new concept by any means. Looking back in our country’s history, sod houses on the prairie in the 1860s were ultimate green homes built with 100% renewable materials and totally open floor plan. Although they tended to be a favorite place for rodent and snakes to take up residents too!

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